Karlštejn Castle 13 km

One of the most popular Czech monuments is located just 13 kilometres away from our restaurant. This high Gothic style castle was founded in 1348 and was built by Charles IV, Czech king and Roman Emperor, as a place for safekeeping of royal treasures, in particular, collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of the Roman Empire. Karlštejn has a unique position among our significant historic monuments. Its appearance also makes it one of the most picturesque medieval monuments in the Czech Republic. You can admire historic interiors of two floors of the Emperor’s Palace, the castle’s Treasury in the Marian Tower (for example, Courtier’s Hall, Knight’s Hall, Royal Bedroom, Audience Hall, Ancestors’ Hall, Banqueting Hall and many others).


Koněpruské jeskyně

Koněprusy Caves 14 km

The cave system originated through erosion by water leaking through the limestone massif. The water created a system of three cave levels with more than 70 metres of elevation. The main stage of the development of the cave premises is thought to have occurred 25 to 30 million years ago.

The Koněprusy Caves are located in the Czech Karst nature reserve. They were discovered in 1950 as limestone was extracted in the Houba’s quarry on the south slope of the Zlatý kůň (Golden Horse) hill. Soon, explorations started and showed an unprecedented scope of newly discovered underground premises. The three-level cave system comprises over 2 km of corridors.

A number of animal bones but also the bones of prehistoric man have been discovered in the caves. Remnants of a 15-century money forgery have been discovered on the top floor. Koněprusy Caves continue to be the longest known cave system in Bohemia.

The caves have been accessible to the general public since 1959, with dozens of thousands of visitors each year.


Lomy Amerika

Amerika Flooded Quarries 8 km

Amerika is a system of limestone pit quarries in Czech Karst interconnected by underground tunnels. Velká Amerika, Malá Amerika and Mexiko are among the most famous ones. Several other larger and smaller quarries are located in the adjoining forests.


Svatý Ján pod Skalou

Svatý Jan pod Skalou 5 km

Svatý Jan pod Skalou is a village in Central Bohemia, in the district of Beroun. Together with Karlštejn Castle and the ancient Tetín, it ranks among the most attractive tourist sites of our region. The village lies less than 5 km to the east of Beroun in the heart of the Czech Karst nature reserve. The Svatý Jan’s limestone rock, a landmark in the countryside, stretching up to 210 m above the ground, is the most beautiful site in Svatý Jan. The St. John the Baptist’s Church and the St. Ivan’s cave are under the rock wall. It is a building built in early Baroque style with abundant interior decorations. Adjacent to the church, under the window to the Ivan’s cave, there is a strong healing water spring, the St. Ivan’s Spring.


Důlní expozice – Chrustenická šachta

Mining exhibition – Chrustenice Shaft 3 km

In its times, the mine was one of the largest and most important mines in the Barrandien complex (an area stretching west of Prague). The mine had 84 underground tiers going down to – 426 m, i.e. 120 m below the sea level. Over a hundred years of strenuous work, almost 8 million tonnes of ore have been mined here. Currently, numerous unique exhibits reminiscent of the famous mining and quarry industry times in this region are on display in hundreds of metres of accessible corridors. The tour also includes a ride in a mining train. The quarry is now open to the public and also to divers. Permanent exhibition about the Amerika – Mořina quarries is located in front of the entrance into the underground.


Beroun Golf Resort – 18 jamkové hřiště

Beroun Golf Resort 18-hole course 10 km

A new, state-of-art and luxury golf resort was developed in Beroun and, effectively, is the first truly private course in the Czech Republic. Beroun Golf Resort is situated on the former army grounds at Na Veselé in Beroun. From a slope above the river, views open to the Brdy ridges and to the royal town of Beroun. The course has a lot in common with the renowned course in nearby Karlštejn. On 85 hectares, there are 70 sand bunkers, four artificial lakes with total area of 3.5 hectares and a large double-green where Hole 7 and 10 routes end.


Golf Resort Karlštejn – 27 jamkové hřiště

Golf Resort Karlštejn 27-hole golf course 13 km

An attractive course unfolds on the slopes facing Karlštejn Castle and has a rather meadow-like character. The hilly terrain makes it a very demanding course for players. Minimum amounts of full-grown greenery allows the changing wind to affect the play by complicating the intentions of the golfers even more. However, playing here has its appeal and it is a strong experience to fight the course.


Koupání v areálu Caravan Campu Valek

Swimming in the Valek Caravan Camp

You can find the Valek Caravan Camp in Central Bohemia in Chrustenice, in a nature park near the capital city of Prague. Visitors can enjoy an outdoor 65m-long swimming pool, tennis courts, table tennis and a playground here.


Vyjížďky na koních

Horse riding

Ranch at the Anchor, Mrs Marhoulová offers event of horse rides around Loděnice for you.