Jídelní lístek


Název Popis Cena
Sauteéd poultry liver with garlic butter with home-made warm bread 115,-
Beef Fillet Carpaccio with Parmesan, basil pesto and rocket leaves 155,-


Název Popis Cena
Garlic soup with ham, cheese and bread croutons 65,-
By the daily menu

Traditional czech cuisine

Název Popis Cena
Fillet steak slices with cream of vegetable sauce and bread dumplings 215,-
Boar's Neck Fillet with Rosemary, black salsify root vegetable and cranberry sauce 235,-
Battered and fried pork steak with boiled parsley potatoes 185,-


Název Popis Cena
Beef fillet tartar deep fried toast 225,-
Beef fillet steak with creamed button mushrooms with green pepper corn sauce 365,-
Herb encrusted baked pork fillet with pumpkin pureé and apple salad 255,-
Chicken Steak with creamed Brussels Sprouts and Bacon 195,-
Tomato and Black Rice Risotto with Vegetables, Rocket and Feta Cheese 175,-

Side dishes

Název Popis Cena
Boiled parsley potatoes 35,-
French fries 50,-
Jasmine rice 35,-
Home baked bread 15,-
Bakery goods 20,-


Název Popis Cena
Caesar Salad, with grilled Chicken and Bacon, Roman Lettuce, croutons and anchovy dressing 185,-
Baked Oyster Mushroom and Goat's Cheese Salad, with red wine vinegar and shallots 180,-


Název Popis Cena
Pancakes, with blueberries and raspberries 105,-
Vanilla ice cream rolled in nuts with chocolate sauce 105,-