Jídelní lístek


Název Popis Cena
Carpaccio with green pesto and parmesan 155,-
Pan fried duck liver with garlic butter, roman lettuce and watercress 95,-
Beetroot slices with fitaki cheese, lamb´s lettuce and rocket salad 95,-
Salmon steak tartar with salad and saffron sauce 125,-


Název Popis Cena
Garlic soup with ham, cheese and bread croutons 55,-
By the daily menu


Název Popis Cena
Sliced fillet of beef in cream of vegetables sauce with bread dumplings 185,-
Beef ribs confit in dark ale and root vegetables sauce with mashed potatoes 185,-
Leg of boar with rosehip sauce and bread dumplings 185,-
Roasted leg of duck with braised red cabbage and potato and bread dumplings 215,-
Beef burger with pan-fried button mushrooms, cheddar and fresh vegetables, with spicy sauce and chips 195,-
Tartar beef steak - raw minced fillet of beef with spices, toast 195,-
Beef rumpsteak with sauteed button mushrooms, shallots and bacon, with black pepper, sauce and chips 325,-
Pork fillet steak larded with bacon and spring onions , with mushroom ragú and gratinated potatoes 245,-
Farmer´s pork neck fillet with spicy sauce and grilled vegetables 215,-
Pork fillet steak, breaded and fried with cold potatoes salad 195,-
Salmon fillet with beetroot puree and garlic pan-fried vegetables 295,-
Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, with grilled courgette and sesame, with herbs sauce and rosemary potatoes 225,-
Chicken fillet pieces with vegetables and spicy sauce 185,-
Chicken tagliatelle with basil pesto and mozzarella (fresh spinach, tomatoes) 175,-
Spaghetti with rocket, tomatos and cheddar sauce with chillies 155,-


Název Popis Cena
Salmon fillet / 200g 255,-
Rumpsteak / 300g 285,-
Beef steak fillet / 200g 335,-
Pork neck fillet / 250g 175,-
Pork fillet steak / 200g 185,-
Chicken breast steak / 200g 165,-


Název Popis Cena
Creamy black peppercorn sauce 35,-
Sauce of bolletus and button mushrooms 45,-
Herbal sauce 40,-
Cranberry and port wine sauce 45,-
Hot chilli pepper sauce 40,-
Tartar sauce 20,-
Ketchup, Mustard 15,-

Side dishes

Název Popis Cena
Vegetable chips (cleriac, carrots, beetroot) 35,-
Potatoes baked with cream and cheese 45,-
Potato chips 40,-
Grilled vegetables 50,-
Potatoes and spring onion mash 35,-
Potaoes salad 50,-
Boiled potatoes 30,-
Jasmin rice 35,-
Fried pearl potatoes with parsley and garlic 45,-
Breads and rolls 15,-
Baked baguette 15,-
Warmed baguette with garlic or with basil pesto 35,-
Bread dumpllngs 15,-
Potato dumplings 20,-
Tomato salad with onion 40,-
Cucumber salad 40,-


Název Popis Cena
Mixture of salad leaves with sesame roasted salmon pieces with pomegranate and orange sauce 175,-
Roman lettuce salad with chicken and anchovy dressing 170,-
Fillet of pork salad with beetroot, mozzarella and garlic 175,-
Green leaf salad with fitaki cheese and black olives 155,-


Název Popis Cena
Panna cotta with fruits of the forrest 79,-
Pancakes with blueberries and raspberries 79,-
Vanilla crème brûlée with glazed oranges 79,-
Vanilla ice cream rolled in walnuts with chocolate sauce 79,-
Daily choice of ice creams 20,-